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On Iraq anniversary, the end isn't all that near

Seven years ago, America invaded Iraq. We know how that went, so I’ll spare you an anniversary post. Just want to point out one tiny thing. For the U.S., the Iraq war is actually ending. Americans are no longer dying … Continue reading

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Newsweek's Iraq cover 'looks mighty like' propaganda

I saw Newsweek’s latest cover today, subtly headlined: “VICTORY AT LAST.”  My first reaction was to grab the nearest taser, jam it down my throat, pull the trigger, and hope that my bodily fluids would conduct the 10,000 volts of … Continue reading

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O'Reilly says kidnap and waterboard Reid and Pelosi. I say, why stop there?

From Media Matters via The Huffington Post: Bill O’Reilly suggestedthat the CIA should kidnap Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and perhaps even waterboard Pelosi, at a stop on his “Bold & Fresh” speaking … Continue reading

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Did an 'Iranian agent' guest blog for the Huffington Post?

I’ve been writing lately about the decision to bar 511 candidates from the upcoming election in Iraq, which has caused an uproar on the editorial pages in New York and Washington. It also seems to have prompted Vice President Joe … Continue reading

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Joe Trippi heads to Baghdad, more candidates banned (Iraqracy V)

Wanted to highlight a super exclusive story I have up over at The Daily Beast, about U.S. political consultants, along with other Western campaign firms, jumping into the Iraqi election for the first time.  International political consulting is a $1 billion a year … Continue reading

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The day democracy died in Iraq PLUS: Is Ahmed Chalabi behind it all?

Here’s why the ban of the nearly 500 candidates is such devastating news to the unwaveringly clueless American misadventure in Iraq. It can’t be ignored. We can no longer pretend that just because violence has dropped everything is cool. It’s … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Dems in Congress cave on the war, per usual

From the AP: Lawmakers had been complaining for three months that they were left out of the debate over the course of the faltering war. But when they got their crack this week at the generals and diplomats who manage … Continue reading

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