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Newsweek: What Went Wrong

I’m saddened by the for sale sign that’s been put up at Newsweek.  For what it’s worth, I hope they find a buyer who can keep the magazine alive. There are bunch of good people working there, and as the … Continue reading

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Newsweek's Iraq cover 'looks mighty like' propaganda

I saw Newsweek’s latest cover today, subtly headlined: “VICTORY AT LAST.”  My first reaction was to grab the nearest taser, jam it down my throat, pull the trigger, and hope that my bodily fluids would conduct the 10,000 volts of … Continue reading

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I Lost My Love in Baghdad: A Modern War Story, in paperback

Today, the paperback version of my book was released. As advertised, there’s a new afterword, a new cover, a couple of pages with quotes of all the nice things reviewers said about the book, and a reading discussion group guide. … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Spies like us? Or, can military intel folks really act like journalists?

A report on how the U.S. military needs to revamp its intel gathering operations in Afghanistan is causing quite a stir. Authored by Maj. Gen. Michael Flynn, “Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan” contains fairly gutsy … Continue reading

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When you get kidnapped, is it your fault?

Sort of. I’m “weighing in” on the now controversial rescue operation that freed New York Times reporter Stephen Farrell. The operation also ended in the deaths of a British Special Forces soldier, Farrell’s translator, Sultan Munadi, two civilians, and a … Continue reading

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Iraq: The reliable sourcing of David Ignatius?

Reading David Ignatius’s scary column on how Iran is going to takeover Iraq if we leave, three thoughts came to mind. First, no shit Iran is trying exert influence on a neighbor/historic rival who they share a long border with–it’s what … Continue reading

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Interview: 'Columbine,' and how to write a tragedy

On a recent Saturday afternoon, I picked up Dave Cullen’s new book “Columbine” at a local bookstore. By Sunday night, I had finished all 400 pages, shaken, disturbed, and, yes, deeply moved. From a journalist’s perspective, I found Cullen’s book … Continue reading

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