Andy McKenna, the Illinois joker who's afraid of terrorists

I wanted to write a post criticizing U.S. representative Mark Kirk for the objections he raised to possibly housing Gitmo detainees in Thomson, Illinois. (“Ground zero for jihadists” etc.) I figured it would be pretty simple: without prior research, I was guessing Kirk had backed Iraq and Afghanistan, a vigorous proponent of exporting democracy at the expense of the lives of brownish people. Then I’d just write that when it came applying the principles of democracy in America–ie, law, trials, things of that nature–he would prove himself to be a hypocritical coward. Fine to subject other people in other nations to such things–anybody ever ask the Iraqis if they wanted Abu Ghraib there?–but when it came to stepping up at home, to do a very minor civic duty, then he got all scared. The coward label doesn’t really fit Kirk–he’s served his country, says Wikipedia, quite honorably, and has put himself in harms way before.

Thankfully, gubernatorial candidate Andy McKenna saved my post. He joined Kirk the other day in faux outrage, adding another silly, opportunistic sound bite–that current Governor Quinn wanted to “put terrorists in our neighborhoods.” Thankfully again, I didn’t even have to do much research to demonstrate the kind of person we’re dealing with here. Just had to find his recent campaign ad. Click below, and ask yourself, is the a man who seems strong on national security?

[youtubevid id=”kXnhi2SNY1I&feature=player_embedded”]

It’s always struck me as funny that political types, who live safe and secure lives far from the front lines of the existential conflict formerly known as the global war on terror(FKAGWOT to replace GWOT) often seem much more frightened than the troops on the ground over there who are actually getting shot at everyday by terrorists…”Hair today, gone tomorrow…”


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2 Responses to Andy McKenna, the Illinois joker who's afraid of terrorists

  1. Michael Roston says:

    Don’t forget that Kirk was tarred by Illinois conservatives for voting in favor of shipping Gitmo detainees to US soil. Apparently he was literally voting ‘not in my backyard, but somebody else’s that’s OK.”

  2. Megan Cottrell says:

    I feel like that ad means that McKenna is going bald. Or if you elect him, he will go bald? It’s unclear. But whoever sold him on “Hair today, gone tomorrow,” is terrible with slogans, but an amazing salesman.

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