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A reminder to Thomas Friedman that history won't be a very kind judge of the Iraq War

I’m going to make a prediction: historians are not going to look kindly on the U.S. war in Iraq. First, a brief digression. Most major foreign policy writers in the U.S. decided to support the Iraq war. Most came to … Continue reading

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I Lost My Love in Baghdad: A Modern War Story, in paperback

Today, the paperback version of my book was released. As advertised, there’s a new afterword, a new cover, a couple of pages with quotes of all the nice things reviewers said about the book, and a reading discussion group guide. … Continue reading

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The Greatest Radio Interview, Perhaps Ever

Or at least it’s a fun interview that occurred last week on Scott Horton’s must-listen Antiwar Radio Show, wherein I was his guest. The link is here, so have a listen if you want to hear my uncensored comments and … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Spies like us? Or, can military intel folks really act like journalists?

A report on how the U.S. military needs to revamp its intel gathering operations in Afghanistan is causing quite a stir. Authored by Maj. Gen. Michael Flynn, “Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan” contains fairly gutsy … Continue reading

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Iraq: A joke about Angelina Jolie and U.S. foreign policy

So here’s one an Iraqi friend told me the other day. President Bush decides to brief President Obama on his plan to start World War III. Bush: Barack, the plan calls for killing 140 million Muslims and Angelina Jolie. Obama: … Continue reading

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Quote of the week: 'Chugging along for eight years'

Speaking of Afghanistan tick-tocks, I was reading the NYT’s version of something that may or may not resemble reality, when I came across this quote. (I’ve been unplugged and writing the past four days, so excuse the inexcusable delay in … Continue reading

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Great to hear about the 9-11 trial. But still, Saudi Arabia, wtf?

Quick post today, as I’m traveling–leaving glorious Baghdad enroute to my current natural habitat in Vermont. Happened to catch the news that they’re putting KSM and four others behind the 9-11 attack on trial. This seems long overdue. I’ve been … Continue reading

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