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Army says Xbox, PlayStation make recruits 'soft;' overhauls basic training

This is a post that would certainly be bettered handled by T/S colleague Paul Tassi, but I thought it was worth mentioning.From NPR via The Army is making changes to its basic training regimen, partially because new recruits are … Continue reading

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Iraq: Operation Proper Exit, wounded veterans return to Iraq

Yesterday, I joined Captain Ferris Butler and Specialist John Hyland on NPR’s program ‘Talk of the Nation’ to discuss the trip I took with Operation Proper Exit. It’s a program designed by the Troops First Foundation, and supported by the … Continue reading

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Iraq: How does Allawi become prime minister? PLUS: NPR, Operation Proper Exit

Over at The Daily Beast, I have a piece up mapping out 5 steps Allawi needs to take to get the prime minister gig. It’s not a cinch, and it will be interesting to see how folks in Iraq will … Continue reading

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Iraq: Allawi wins the election

Ayad Allawi, head of the secular Iraqiya bloc, has won the most seats in the Iraq elections. 91 seats to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s 89. Now, as they say, the fun starts: prepare for months of wrangling over what the … Continue reading

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If you're in Vermont today… 'I Lost My Love in Baghdad'…

On the off chance you happen to be in Vermont this evening, I’ll be at Phoenix Books in Essex Junction at 6:30 PM, reading from the paperback and talking Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a great independent shop, so stop by, … Continue reading

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Iraq: Are the Iraq elections being stolen?

Apparently, according to almost everybody running, the answer is yes. Both Prime Minister Maliki and President Jalal Talabani are calling for a recount. As the NYT reports: The appeals by Iraq’s two highest government officials added to a rash of … Continue reading

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On Iraq anniversary, the end isn't all that near

Seven years ago, America invaded Iraq. We know how that went, so I’ll spare you an anniversary post. Just want to point out one tiny thing. For the U.S., the Iraq war is actually ending. Americans are no longer dying … Continue reading

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