Afghanistan: Dems in Congress cave on the war, per usual

From the AP:

Lawmakers had been complaining for three months that they were left out of the debate over the course of the faltering war. But when they got their crack this week at the generals and diplomats who manage President Barack Obama’s new strategy, they didn’t put up much of a fight.

Congress is expected to reluctantly bankroll the emergency surge of 30,000 forces for the unpopular war. Both parties have problems with different parts of Obama’s plan, but their skepticism has yet to approach real opposition.

Democrats balked this week at increasing civilian aid in a country known for weak leadership and widespread corruption, but it was mostly for show. Republicans, who largely support the war expansion, disagreed with his plans to begin bringing forces back home in 18 months. But they too mostly held fire behind gritted teeth.

So even after two national elections where they were brought into power riding the anti-war tide sweeping the nation(yes, mainly for Iraq, but by voters who aren’t too keen on Afghanistan, either) the Democrats in Congress have again proven their complete and total uselessness. Wait, you say, didn’t the Dems get the White House to cut a little of the $8 billion a month war expenses? Says AP:

Democrats forced a $151 million cut to Obama’s almost $2.8 billion request for economic and security aid to Afghanistan this week. Obama’s $1.6 billion request for aid to Pakistan would be cut $124 million.

Still, leaders in Congress predicted that Obama will eventually get the additional money he seeks for the war, despite misgivings.

Weak sauce!


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