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Iraq and Andrew Sullivan: 'The Beltway doesn't do reality very well'

I’ve been tough on Andrew Sullivan in the past. He represents, for me at least, one of the eternal conundrums of recent U.S. history when it comes to Iraq: how could so many smart people in the media have so eagerly embraced … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: What the 'Red Dawn' version of Obama's speech would look like

I couldn’t find the exact and more appropriate clip online from the 1984 classic “Red Dawn” that I was hoping to use (the one where the Cuban colonel and the Russian political officer have a conversation about Afghanistan, Vietnam, and … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Knowing the lessons of Vietnam didn't stop Vietnam either

From Jonathan Schell’s piece in a recent issue of The Nation, “The Fifty Year War:” We are accustomed to thinking that hard experience in Vietnam taught certain lessons that then, for a while, became cautionary principles. But this record reveals … Continue reading

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Afghanistan and Iraq and chicken hawks and why we went to war and more!

Wanted to flag Scott Horton’s interview with me at Antiwar Radio, now posted online. Scott is always the provactive host, and I probably said things that, if read back to me, I would want to caveat and back peddle from. But … Continue reading

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Another brief note to readers

I’ll be out of pocket for the next forty eight hours, in lands that know no Internet. So regular posting will begin again on Monday, and please don’t take offense if I haven’t responded to comments, I’ll get to them as soon as … Continue reading

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Stephen Walt questions our love for counterinsurgency, and the Battle of Algiers

Just wanted to flag this graf from Stephen Walt’s post on the suspect merits of COIN. Makes a few good points, I think. COIN is the best answer if one wants to continue the bad policies and decisions we’ve made over the past eight years. … Continue reading

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Iraq: A T-Shirt Says a Thousand Words

Here is a t-shirt I was given by the U.S. military on my recent trip to Iraq. I believe it’s in wide circulation, not just a “special edition.” More than any military or political analysis I could write, it speaks to one … Continue reading

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