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Should Obama keep our troops in Iraq?

The great Tom Ricks has an Op-Ed in the NYT that’s worth reading. Mainly, he suggests that if the political instability and violence continues in Iraq(almost certain) Obama should keep between 30-50,000 U.S. troops there for many years to come. … Continue reading

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Poll: Majority of Iraqis think security has gotten worse; only 22 percent in Baghdad say they will vote; no love for Iran

A friend in Baghdad sent me results of a poll conducted on behalf of one of the major political candidates running in Iraq’s election. 1,000 Iraqis across the country were polled over the past week by the firm Crosby Textor … Continue reading

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A most memorable piece of graffiti; introducing Operation New Dawn

I once saw a piece of graffiti written on the inside of a blue Porta-John on Camp Victory in Baghdad. The scrawl said: “OIF 1, OIF II, OIF III…How much fucking freedom do these Iraqis need?” The joke, if I … Continue reading

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Secular political party under attack in Iraq

Campaigning for Iraq’s March 7th election officially started last week. Already, we’ve seen an uptick in violence, with a number of political parties targeted by bombings in the past few days. I’ve learned about another political party that appears to … Continue reading

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I Lost My Love in Baghdad: A Modern War Story, in paperback

Today, the paperback version of my book was released. As advertised, there’s a new afterword, a new cover, a couple of pages with quotes of all the nice things reviewers said about the book, and a reading discussion group guide. … Continue reading

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Voter apathy is the theme for Iraq's election (Iraqracy VII)

With any news story, certain themes begin to emerge that drive the media coverage. For Iraq’s upcoming elections–the campaign officially began today–Reuters filed a report that suggests what the particular narrative will be for the vote scheduled on March 7th. … Continue reading

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American kidnapped in Iraq, first since 2008… (Iraqracy VI)

The Washington Post reports on the kidnapping of an American contractor who was kidnapped in Baghdad. Specifically, the upscale neighbhorhood of Karrada, supposedly one the safe areas. (But, really, as any Baghdadi will tell you, there are no safe areas … Continue reading

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