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Iraq: What to watch for while winding down the war (for us, at least)

Today is a big day in Iraq. U.S. troops are exiting most of the cities. This is decent news for us Americans(our troops will be at less risk, huzzah) and we’ll be one step closer to the partial withdrawal in … Continue reading

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Interview: Writing a 'big, big, life' Plus: What Hemingway wrote to Norman Mailer

Years ago, in my very early twenties, I set out to write a book. I started a routine. I no longer drank, so I substituted a glass bottle of sparkling water for beer (similar heft), thrived on a diet of Parliament Lights … Continue reading

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Got an email from last night asking me to, “as an individual,” show my support for the protesters in Iran. The email included a bunch of links: one to a sign I can print out to put in my … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Play a videogame, kill an American, get outraged?

A clip caught my eye this morning over at, titled “Taliban Ambush On Videogame?” Apparently it’s from something called Project Reality: Battlefield 2 Mod, which admittedly looks pretty cool. But what’s kind of/sort of/maybe controversial is that in this … Continue reading

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How seriously should we take Al Qaeda's threat to nuke us to hell? (Part II)

Drudge is giving this wire story above the headline billing: “Al Qaeda says would use nuclear weapons.”  Here’s the quote from Reuters: “God willing, the nuclear weapons will not fall into the hands of the Americans and the mujahideen would … Continue reading

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OTF: Where have all the anti-globalization protesters gone?

Yes, it’s Off Topic Friday. So last night I watched the film “Battle in Seattle,” rented from the local Blockbuster, being the corporate stooge that I am. It is, as Leonard Maltin claims on the back of the box, “well … Continue reading

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Are the Taliban (and Al Qaeda) really a threat? Or, that's another well spent $106 billion

I missed this piece in Foreign Affairs by John Mueller, a professor of political science at Ohio University, when it came out in April. But I’m told it’s been circulating in military/defense circles, and that’s how it ended up in … Continue reading

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