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Afghanistan: Canadian general, fired in sex scandal, misfired rifle

My headline is actually not a play on a words. General Daniel Menard, the Canadian fellow who was relieved from duty over the weekend for (allegedly?) having an affair with a female staffer, wasn’t the most popular fellow in Kabul, … Continue reading

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Iraq: Setting the stage for the next, smaller, civil war

The alliance between Iraq’s two key political coalitions that was announced yesterday shores up the power of the Shiite-dominated regime in Baghdad for the next four years. My guess–a wild crystal ball prediction, to be sure–is that we’re seeing what … Continue reading

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On Iraq anniversary, the end isn't all that near

Seven years ago, America invaded Iraq. We know how that went, so I’ll spare you an anniversary post. Just want to point out one tiny thing. For the U.S., the Iraq war is actually ending. Americans are no longer dying … Continue reading

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The undemocratic invasion for democracy, and some pushback against Iraq victory meme

Returned from Baghdad today, so apologies for the absence of posts. I blame travel–you would, too, had you spent 11 hours yesterday on a Turkish Airways flight wedged into between two rather portly and vocal Russian speakers who just couldn’t … Continue reading

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A reminder to Thomas Friedman that history won't be a very kind judge of the Iraq War

I’m going to make a prediction: historians are not going to look kindly on the U.S. war in Iraq. First, a brief digression. Most major foreign policy writers in the U.S. decided to support the Iraq war. Most came to … Continue reading

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Newsweek's Iraq cover 'looks mighty like' propaganda

I saw Newsweek’s latest cover today, subtly headlined: “VICTORY AT LAST.”  My first reaction was to grab the nearest taser, jam it down my throat, pull the trigger, and hope that my bodily fluids would conduct the 10,000 volts of … Continue reading

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Poll: Majority of Iraqis think security has gotten worse; only 22 percent in Baghdad say they will vote; no love for Iran

A friend in Baghdad sent me results of a poll conducted on behalf of one of the major political candidates running in Iraq’s election. 1,000 Iraqis across the country were polled over the past week by the firm Crosby Textor … Continue reading

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