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Iraq: Ashura pictures from Baghdad (Warning: it gets a bit bloody)

So the pictures below are from my visit yesterday to the Khadimiya mosque in Baghdad during Ashura, a Shiite religious holiday and celebration. Perhaps commemoration is a better word. (Described, in part, in this Washington Post story that I worked … Continue reading

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A real war on Christmas

Happy Holidays, fellow Americans. It’s that time of year when we usually start hearing about the War on Christmas, how a bunch of tree hugging atheists and parent teacher politburo members are doing their best to undermine God and Jesus … Continue reading

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Bacevich: Telling us how Afghanistan ends

Military historian Andrew Bacevich(who we interviewed here last summer)  is on fire with his column in the NY Daily News today. He elegantly nails the bizarrely circular path to our current adventure. “The prequel is the sequel,” he writes,”Afghanistan replacing … Continue reading

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Iraq: An uneasy feeling in Baghdad

So I’m here in Baghdad for the next couple of weeks, covering for the Washington Post’s bureau. With that in mind, here’s my story that came out today. Election workers are being targeted for kidnappings and assassinations. The photo above  … Continue reading

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Holidays in Baghdad

Apologies for the radio silence. Just arrived in Baghdad, where I’ll be hanging out for the next month or two. Semi-normal blogs postings will resume shortly. In other news, did you know Iraq was only the third most dangerous country for … Continue reading

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Obama gets slapped around by Pentagon, now Wall Street

This is a little off topic, but speaks to the leadership tendencies of our current Commander-in-Chief. After calling Wall Street execs to the White House for a “dressing down,” three of the top honchos decided not to show up. “Inclement … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Dems in Congress cave on the war, per usual

From the AP: Lawmakers had been complaining for three months that they were left out of the debate over the course of the faltering war. But when they got their crack this week at the generals and diplomats who manage … Continue reading

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