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On A Near Pandemic Thursday Night…

I’ve been traveling today, and I’ll likely be away from the computer tomorrow, so posting will be light to non-existent. (This post was originally supposed to go up this morning, but my hotel internetz connection was very, very, slow.) For those readers new to the site,take a … Continue reading

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If I Was a Warlord…

A quick follow-up on my post below. I’ve been thinking about that NATO opiate loophole. To refresh the memory: it’s the rule of engagement that says American and other forces are only allowed to go after Taliban related opium production facilities and smugglers. … Continue reading

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Here's A Winning Solution: Combine the War on Drugs with the War On Terror

Dexter Filkins has a nice on-scener from Afghanistan in the NYT today, complete with the prerequisite bang-bang.  What’s interesting are the number of obvious contradictions/problems in the strategy that we need to overcome to pull off this war against the poppies. Here’s a few of them: … Continue reading

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100 Days…

I got an email this morning from Coates, sent out to T/S contributors, asking for the best and worst from Obama’s First One Hundred Days in the Oval Office. My reply: Best: Added a much needed element of grace to America’s … Continue reading

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A Case of the Relapse For Young Addict/Author

Ten days ago, CNN published a letter from Nic Sheff. Nic is the son of David Sheff, author of the gut-punching and powerful memoir, “Beautiful Boy.” BB is one of the best books on addiction I’ve read–and, as the title implies, it’s about his son, Nic. Nic … Continue reading

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Another Idea On How To Save Pakistan

How to save Pakistan. – By Nicholas Schmidle – Slate Magazine. This is the only country in the Islamic world where tens of thousands protest in the streets for the rule of law. Sure, there’s some support for the Taliban … Continue reading

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Pulling Off the Band-Aid in Baghdad

So, with the violence of late in Iraq, I wanted to share a line from an email that was passed along to me this week from an U.S. Army officer serving there. (As you can see, I’m a big fan of publishing emails.)  The … Continue reading

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