Joe Trippi heads to Baghdad, more candidates banned (Iraqracy V)

Wanted to highlight a super exclusive story I have up over at The Daily Beast, about U.S. political consultants, along with other Western campaign firms, jumping into the Iraqi election for the first time.  International political consulting is a $1 billion a year market, and Iraq provides a new and possibly lucrative frontier.

Mainly, the story focuses on Joe Trippi and his candidate, Ayad Jamal Aldin. Trippi, for what it’s worth–from his days under siege with Gary Hart to his guruing of Howard Dean to his stint as a John Edwards advisor–has got to be one of my favorite political consultants around. Got to love a guy who always goes for the underdog–usually only happens on West Wing. (Or happened, as it were.)

Also a bit of breaking news to go along with it. Twenty of the candidates on the Ahrar list–a moderate, secular, anti-Iranian party–just found out today that they’ve been barred from running for office. Iraqracy lives on!


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1 Response to Joe Trippi heads to Baghdad, more candidates banned (Iraqracy V)

  1. Zaid Jilani says:

    Joe Trippi? Are you serious? I thought his rationalization of Harold Ford’s race was bad, but…

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