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Iran: Is 'In the Loop' actually a future predicting documentary film?

Reading the Financial Times this morning, I “learnt” that U.K. intelligence services believe that Iran has been pursuing a plan for nuclear warheads. This it at odds, officially at least, with the assesment of the U.S. intelligence community. From the … Continue reading

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Iran and Love the Bomb

If I was a “serious” foreign policy thinker, there’s no way I could write this post. After all, I wouldn’t be taken seriously, and if you’re a serious foreign affairs type, your job requirement is to be taken seriously. Otherwise, the whole illusion … Continue reading

Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments heeds call from The Hastings Report, breaks silence on Afghanistan!

Kidding. But it’s fun to take partial credit it for it anyway. I’ve devoted a couple of posts to blasting over the past few months for their awkward silence on Afghanistan(as recently as three days ago.) So it’s only fair that … Continue reading

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Are Obama's Af/Pak 'second thoughts' just an act to give him political cover?

At the end of the last post, I gave, for free, my domestic political analysis of the Afghanistan issue for Obama. Essentially this: politically, even if you “win” you lose. Stabilize Afghanistan, the war falls from the headlines, nobody cares anymore. You can take credit … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: In it to win what? Plus: Politically, it's a loser if you win

The WSJ has an Op-Ed today from Kori Schake, which manages to be both enlightening and annoying at the same time. Ms. Schake, as the headline indicates, thinks President Obama should either “commit to Afghanistan or get out…We shouldn’t send … Continue reading

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U.S. Commander to Obama: Give me what I want or I quit!

I mentioned yesterday that Obama was getting heavy pressure from the military brass to send more troops. The pressure has risen another notch. According to the always excellent Nancy Youssef at McClatchy, General Stanley McChrystal may quit if he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: The El Salvador Option?

With Gen. Stanley McChrystal asking for more troops to prevent “mission failure” in Afghanistan, I thought it would be worth noting something we might call “the El Salvador Option.” I’m not sure if this option really exists as a potential … Continue reading

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