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Iraq: Setting the stage for the next, smaller, civil war

The alliance between Iraq’s two key political coalitions that was announced yesterday shores up the power of the Shiite-dominated regime in Baghdad for the next four years. My guess–a wild crystal ball prediction, to be sure–is that we’re seeing what … Continue reading

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The Iraq election debacle

Remember all those weeks back when Iraq held its election? On March 7th, to be exact. The geniuses in pundit-land decided to declare ‘Victory at Last.’ Meanwhile, a few skeptics pointed out the wishful thinking in such declarations. Anyway, here … Continue reading

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Iraq: On the brink of civil war again?

I don’t think so, although the bombings of the German, Eygptian, and Iranian embassies yesterday that killed over 40 people are not good signs. Either was the massacre of 24 Sunnis over the weekend by men in “Iraqi army uniforms” … Continue reading

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On Iraq anniversary, the end isn't all that near

Seven years ago, America invaded Iraq. We know how that went, so I’ll spare you an anniversary post. Just want to point out one tiny thing. For the U.S., the Iraq war is actually ending. Americans are no longer dying … Continue reading

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Top U.S. General in Iraq: possible '2000-3000' troops in Iraq after 2011

I got the opportunity to ask General Ray Ordierno a question at a press conference yesterday at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Mainly: How many Americans will be left in Iraq after the Americans leave Iraq? (Call it the ‘Obama … Continue reading

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The Hurt Locker, Point Break, and War Junkies

I have an essay up over at the Huffington Post to get everybody excited about the Oscars. Or something like that. Its cultural wingspan stretches Jeremy Renner to Ernie Pylie and Robert Capa to Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves. Here’s … Continue reading

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Should Obama keep our troops in Iraq?

The great Tom Ricks has an Op-Ed in the NYT that’s worth reading. Mainly, he suggests that if the political instability and violence continues in Iraq(almost certain) Obama should keep between 30-50,000 U.S. troops there for many years to come. … Continue reading

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