Afghanistan: Canadian commander fired over sex scandal

More trouble for the Kandahar “non-operation operation?” The Canadian general who was supposed to be leading the offensive got fired over Memorial Day weekend for (allegedly?) sleeping with a female staffer. Clearly, the strange news was announced on a day when it would get buried under the weight of the American holiday weekend. From AOL:

Brig. Gen. Daniel Menard, who is married with two children, was Canada’s top soldier with a decorated 26-year career. He was based in southern Afghanistan and was due to lead what’s expected to be one of the largest battles so far of the nine-year Afghan war. NATO’s push to oust Taliban fighters from their spiritual stronghold in Kandahar is expected to start within weeks.

But Menard, 42, was relieved of his command over the weekend after Canada’s military brass became aware of allegations that he was having an affair with a female subordinate on his command staff.

The Canadians, btw, are leaving Afghanistan next year.

And from the Canadian press release, on a web page complete with an appropriate number of maple leaves:

Gen Lessard made this decision following allegations concerning BGen Menard’s inappropriate conduct related to the Canadian Forces Personal Relationships and Fraternization directives, which caused Commander CEFCOM to lose confidence in BGen Menard’s capacity to command.

An investigation into the circumstances related to the allegations is being launched.

Oh Canada.


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