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Calling out on Afghanistan

Anti-war activist Tom Hayden is taking to task for remaining silent about the Obama Warz. The most powerful grassroots organization of the peace movement, MoveOn, remains silent as the American wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan simmer or escalate. The executive director of … Continue reading

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McKiernan: A Victim of the Myth Makers?

For those who haven’t already forgotten, we decided to swap commanders in Afghanistan a couple of weeks back. General David McKiernan got unceremoniously removed. He’s going to be replaced by a gent named General Stanley McChrystal. Anyhow: this week, military advisor … Continue reading

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2019: Two Fun Facts About Our Country's Longest War(s)…

The news that the Army is planning to spend at least 10 more years in Iraq and Afghanistan isn’t too surprising. In Iraq, it’s been clear that our presence there, despite promises of a drawdown, could have more or less … Continue reading

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Anand Gopal: Traveling In Taliban Country

Today one of the most insightful sources of reporting from Afghanistan comes from Anand Gopal, a writer for the Christian Science Monitor. I had the pleasure of meeting Anand on my visit to Kabul last fall. Over the course of a few dinners, … Continue reading

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Don't Ask Don't Tell: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Brian Hughes, a former Army Ranger who wrote an op-ed in the WSJ about “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” responded over at Pam’s Houseblend to my earlier post. Hughes writes: As for Michael Hastings: 1) He completely ignores women in the service, of … Continue reading

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Off Topic Friday: The Power of the Puppy?

For those of you who don’t know(which is basically all of you), I’m now the proud owner of an 11 week old Corgi puppy. Thus, I’m now interested in all things puppy related. But this is not going to be a … Continue reading

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The Lamest Response to Obama's Speech

Okay, so everyday I wake up, get an iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts, and say, “I’m going to be the best person I can be!” Forgiving, compassionate, kind, etc. Problem is, journalism and blogging aren’t always conducive to those Buddah-ish values. … Continue reading

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