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Iraq: Biden's 'cool reception,' Maliki 'wants us to be targeted,' sucking 'from Uncle Sam's bountenous mammary glands' and more from the Reese memo

Michael Gordon reported yesterday on a memo written by a senior U.S. military advisor in Baghdad, Col. Timothy Reese. I’ve now read a copy the Reese memo, too. (Update: The Times has the full text here.)  A couple more highlights  … Continue reading

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Iraq: 'We now smell bad to the Iraqi nose'

From Michael Gordon at the NYT comes a leaked memo from a senior military official saying we should “declare victory and go home.” For all of these problems, however, Colonel [Timothy] Reese argues that Iraqi forces are competent enough to … Continue reading

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Interview: 'Columbine,' and how to write a tragedy

On a recent Saturday afternoon, I picked up Dave Cullen’s new book “Columbine” at a local bookstore. By Sunday night, I had finished all 400 pages, shaken, disturbed, and, yes, deeply moved. From a journalist’s perspective, I found Cullen’s book … Continue reading

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Public Enemies, the Baghdad version

The second bank robbery in two days in Baghdad. Eight security guards killed, $7 million stolen. As Reuters reports, many Iraqis are worried about whether the Iraqi troops can protect the cities after the U.S. pullout. [youtubevid id=”eS2HuRApwFA”]

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Iraq: NYT columnist correct, if annoyingly so

It took me a couple of reads of Ross Douthat’s column on Iraq, then a few minutes of reflection, to figure out why it bothered me.  Its breezy tone, well written and succint, annoyed me at first. ( “Few Americans noticed, … Continue reading

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Iraq: Are we ever gonna get the oil?

[youtubevid id=”Jwq-TEvM_YU”] Next month, Iraq is going in for round two to sell its oil field development contracts at a meeting in Istanbul. Round one wasn’t successful–the government only managed to find a developer for one of its eight fields. (The … Continue reading

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Iraq: Looking at the exit signs, wondering what to do

A must read from Newsweek’s Christopher Dickey on what our Iraq withdrawal might look like on the ground. He notes that even after the 2011 deadline for the U.S. to leave Iraq, there will still will be a “residual force” … Continue reading

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