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'The Taliban is out of business, permanently.' (Or why Cheney has no credibility on Afghanistan, Part II)

Courtesy of Edward Luce at the Finanical Times, quoting the non-dithering former Vice President: Seven years ago, Dick Cheney proclaimed: “The Taliban is out of business, permanently.” Last week, the former vice-president came close to accusing Barack Obama of lacking … Continue reading

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U.N. admits to being a 'soft target,' yet they're still sort of delusional

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s comments about the attack on their guest house in Kabul this week drive home the points I tried to make on Wednesday. They’re upping their security(of course), with a  claim that they will now “realistically assess” the threat … Continue reading

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Cheney and 'dithering' on Afghanistan. Wait, the suicide bomber that tried to kill you didn't get your attention?

Late to the Cheney smackdown over his comments that Obama has been ‘dithering’ in Afghanistan. The former Vice President seemed to imply that there was some kind of coherent strategy under his administration, when in fact Cheney and Bush had … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: UN security lapse is inexcusable. Period.

I try to avoid posts like this, weighing in with a strongly held opinion about something I have no first hand information of. The initial reports are also often inaccurate.But this is the new media, where uninformed speculation seems to … Continue reading

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Why It's So Easy to Blow Up Important Buildings in Baghdad, and the Circle of Trust

President Obama weighed in on the horrible attacks here yesterday, calling them “outrageous.” Iraqi politicians continue to point fingers–it’s Al Qaeda, it’s the Baathists, it’s Iran, it’s Syria, it’s the Maliki government’s fault. A number of MP’s called for tightened security, … Continue reading

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Bombs within Baghdad: A reminder

So I’m standing outside the Iraqi parliament building with my translator, who we’ll call Mr. Mohammed. It’s about 10:30 am. We’re waiting for approval so we can go inside and talk to Iraqi politicians, supposedly at work at passing an election … Continue reading

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'Nothing in Iraq is very legitimate'

Quote of the day in the NYT from Kurdish MP Mathoud Othman that just about sums up the Iraqi political process. There’s lots of rules and regulations written down on paper, but it’s just paper. What actually happens will occur … Continue reading

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