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Joe Klein: We're Losing in Afghanistan

Howdy. I am on deadline, writing a piece that involves our current war in Afghanistan. So apologies for the low blog pace. But it means I’ve been k keeping an eye on what all the folks in media land are … Continue reading

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American kidnapped in Iraq, first since 2008… (Iraqracy VI)

The Washington Post reports on the kidnapping of an American contractor who was kidnapped in Baghdad. Specifically, the upscale neighbhorhood of Karrada, supposedly one the safe areas. (But, really, as any Baghdadi will tell you, there are no safe areas … Continue reading

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Iraq: The sounds of a suicide car bomb, killing 16

On Monday, three bombs targeted popular Baghdad hotels. At the Hamra Hotel, both NPR and the Washington Post’s bureaus were damaged. Three Post staffers were injured, thankfully none seriously. But an estimated 16 Iraqis were killed at the Hamra out … Continue reading

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Iraq: Ashura pictures from Baghdad (Warning: it gets a bit bloody)

So the pictures below are from my visit yesterday to the Khadimiya mosque in Baghdad during Ashura, a Shiite religious holiday and celebration. Perhaps commemoration is a better word. (Described, in part, in this Washington Post story that I worked … Continue reading

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The Strange Naivete (or Cluelessness?) of Obama's Afghan Mess

Rajiv Chandrasekaren’s front page story in today’s Washington Post is the best account I’ve read of why/how President Obama arrived at our current moment of Afghan indecision. I want focus on two particularly telling passages. The first: “It was easy to say, ‘Hey, I support … Continue reading

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Iraq: Are Maliki's flight attendants dangerous Iranian spies?

The other day I picked on David Ignatius for quoting an unnamed Iraqi intelligence official in his column. The Anonymous Iraqi Spy claimed that Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki had an Iranian private jet, staffed by Iranian flight crew. (And … Continue reading

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Iraq: Andrew Sullivan and the consequences of thoughtful war cheerleading, Part II

The other day I wrote about why supporting the Iraq War was the smart career move in media circles back in ’02 and ’03. Dozens of our country’s top journalists and pundits got Iraq wrong–embarrassingly, cringe-worthy, stupendously wrong–and it hasn’t … Continue reading

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