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Iraq: Setting the stage for the next, smaller, civil war

The alliance between Iraq’s two key political coalitions that was announced yesterday shores up the power of the Shiite-dominated regime in Baghdad for the next four years. My guess–a wild crystal ball prediction, to be sure–is that we’re seeing what … Continue reading

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The Iraq election debacle

Remember all those weeks back when Iraq held its election? On March 7th, to be exact. The geniuses in pundit-land decided to declare ‘Victory at Last.’ Meanwhile, a few skeptics pointed out the wishful thinking in such declarations. Anyway, here … Continue reading

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Iraq: How does Allawi become prime minister? PLUS: NPR, Operation Proper Exit

Over at The Daily Beast, I have a piece up mapping out 5 steps Allawi needs to take to get the prime minister gig. It’s not a cinch, and it will be interesting to see how folks in Iraq will … Continue reading

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Iraq: Are the Iraq elections being stolen?

Apparently, according to almost everybody running, the answer is yes. Both Prime Minister Maliki and President Jalal Talabani are calling for a recount. As the NYT reports: The appeals by Iraq’s two highest government officials added to a rash of … Continue reading

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Iraq: Democracy on life support?

Okay, so I have spent the last two days traveling from one part of the world to another, leaving me in a state of jet lagged mush. That being said, regular blogging will resume this week, as my self-imposed vacation … Continue reading

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Why It's So Easy to Blow Up Important Buildings in Baghdad, and the Circle of Trust

President Obama weighed in on the horrible attacks here yesterday, calling them “outrageous.” Iraqi politicians continue to point fingers–it’s Al Qaeda, it’s the Baathists, it’s Iran, it’s Syria, it’s the Maliki government’s fault. A number of MP’s called for tightened security, … Continue reading

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