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Afghanistan: Canadian general, fired in sex scandal, misfired rifle

My headline is actually not a play on a words. General Daniel Menard, the Canadian fellow who was relieved from duty over the weekend for (allegedly?) having an affair with a female staffer, wasn’t the most popular fellow in Kabul, … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Marjah? Ulcer? This ain't no bleeding ulcer!

And so the war turns: I highlighted McClatchy’s story on McChrystal and Marjah earlier in the week, wherein the Commander of the International Security Assistance Force (COMISAF, to his friends) was quoted calling Marjah a “bleeding ulcer.” The headline of … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: 'A bleeding ulcer'

Here’s an update on the progress of the Marjah offensive, straight from the mouth of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. “This is a bleeding ulcer right now,” McChrystal told a group of Afghan officials, … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Spies like us? Or, can military intel folks really act like journalists?

A report on how the U.S. military needs to revamp its intel gathering operations in Afghanistan is causing quite a stir. Authored by Maj. Gen. Michael Flynn, “Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan” contains fairly gutsy … Continue reading

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U.S. Commander to Obama: Give me what I want or I quit!

I mentioned yesterday that Obama was getting heavy pressure from the military brass to send more troops. The pressure has risen another notch. According to the always excellent Nancy Youssef at McClatchy, General Stanley McChrystal may quit if he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Afghanistan and the meaning of the Helmand offensive

The Guardian wonders aloud about what the recent Marine and Brit offensive in Afghanistan really means: If the campaign in Helmand appears purposeful at all, it is because we choose to make it seem so through a combination of how … Continue reading

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Anand Gopal: Traveling In Taliban Country

Today one of the most insightful sources of reporting from Afghanistan comes from Anand Gopal, a writer for the Christian Science Monitor. I had the pleasure of meeting Anand on my visit to Kabul last fall. Over the course of a few dinners, … Continue reading

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