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The Iraq election debacle

Remember all those weeks back when Iraq held its election? On March 7th, to be exact. The geniuses in pundit-land decided to declare ‘Victory at Last.’ Meanwhile, a few skeptics pointed out the wishful thinking in such declarations. Anyway, here … Continue reading

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Afghanistan Quiz Show: Guess who wrote it, and when

Dear readers, maybe this will be too easy with all the Internets we have these days, but wanted to do a bit of an interactive thing here. I am going to quote a passage, and if you feel so inclined, … Continue reading

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McNamara on the impossible moralities of war

This was in Robert McNamara’s Times obit yesterday, but it’s also a line I remembered from “The Fog of War.” “We burned to death 100,000 Japanese civilians in Tokyo — men, women and children,” Mr. McNamara recalled; some 900,000 Japanese … Continue reading

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