Iraq: If you helped us, watch your back

Wanted to direct your attention to a must read in Foreign Policy by Kirk Johnson. He highlights one of the least talked about yet troubling aspects of our Iraq withdrawal plan–all the Iraqis who’ve allied themselves with us are going to be left behind.

Why do we need to worry? Johnson cites what the insurgent-types have planned for those their fellow Iraqis who they view as collaborators:

I recently came across a frightening document that outlines another group’s designs for the coming U.S. withdrawal. Published in Fallujah by the Islamic State of Iraq, the umbrella organization composed of numerous insurgent and terrorist groups (including al Qaeda in Iraq), the manual sets forth their “balanced military plan” in chilling simplicity: “1) nine bullets for the traitors and one for the crusader, 2) cleansing, and 3) targeting.” They are practical: “This cannot be accomplished within one or two months, but requires continuous effort.” Those who believe the group’s threats have been rendered hollow by the surge might reflect upon the scores of victims from its triple-suicide car bombing that targeted foreign embassies just weeks ago. This past Friday, upon a string of attacks that killed another hundred Iraqis, the group’s “minister of war” declared: “What is happening to you nowadays is just a drizzle.”

Check out Johnson’s ‘The List To Resettle Iraqi Allies’ project here.


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One Response to Iraq: If you helped us, watch your back

  1. Roy Brander says:

    Many thanks for bringing this up, Mike. I can’t place the article now, but years later I’m still doing a slow burn about all the history I read in it when it reflected on the betrayal of the Shia resistance in 1991. It seems that followed a pattern of burning protesters and rebels against regimes we hated, going back decades. I think the first example was Hungarians in 1956.

    There seems to be either no long-term strategy of being trustworthy, or just an assumption that news doesn’t travel, that the next country or next generation will again believe that they’d never be betrayed and left exposed.

    Thanks for the link to the ‘list project’. I wasn’t surprised to see they have no government support, do everything on a shoestring. Frustratingly, there aren’t many ways for a Canadian to participate…save that we can take comfort in having the highest rate of (legal) immigration in the world, with a refugee policy so generous it gets criticism for letting too many through.

    So I donated them $100, “in memory of Andi Parhamovich”, and called it a day.

    Revisit this issue as often as you can, Mike; it’s the kind that slips people’s minds.

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