Afghanistan: The Birther Who Won't Go To War

I’m usually pretty sympathetic to conscientious  objectors, but this is just obscenely stupid. An Army flight surgeon, Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, won’t deploy to Afghanistan until President Obama proves he’s “a natural born citizen.” From

Lakin’s failure to report essentially dares the Army to bring charges against him for being an unauthorized absence…Lakin, who has been the chief of primary care at the Pentagon’s Tricare health clinic, could not be reached this morning at his Maryland home. Margaret Hemenway, a spokeswoman for a group called the Patriotic American Foundation, which is supporting the 18-year officer, said the Army should not expect Lakin to report unless he sees an original birth certificate showing that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Apparently it’s part of some half-assed birther legal strategy to secure the President’s birth certificate in the discovery process during a court-martial. Shockingly, that strategy isn’t likely to work, according to the legal expert quoted in the story.

More shocking: the gentleman isn’t the first patriot to refuse orders on behalf of the birther movement.

Lakin is not the first servicemember to use the so-called “birther” argument to fight deployment orders. Last July, the Army yanked Afghanistan deployment orders for Maj. Stefan Cook when he challenged President Obama’s legitimacy in court. Army Capt. Connie Rhodes, another doctor, went to federal court to stop her Iraq deployment for the same reason. Her case was tossed out in September.

I’ll let the above stand without additional comment.


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5 Responses to Afghanistan: The Birther Who Won't Go To War

  1. scottchaffee says:

    What? Irrational quacks in the military? Who would have guessed?!!

  2. ncfrommke says:

    It’s very simple. Barack Obama’s birth in Honolulu in 1961 has been established beyond doubt. Therefore, the argument- which is shaky, anyhow- that he is not the legitimate commander-in-chief, and that his orders are illegal, is spurious. Lt. Col. Lakin needs to either obey his legal orders, or be brought up on charges of disobeying them, as per the UCMJ. (Christ, did I just have to say that? I don’t know why I, or anybody else, has to anymore- it’s clear enough, and been said, often enough.) It is disturbing that these three cases involve officers. They need to become examples.

  3. Kim Lancaster says:

    As someone who was schooled in politics in the late 60’s early 70’s, I have to chuckle a bit about this. These same kind of misguided conservative Patriots were gung ho for war in Southeast Asia, regardless of the consequences to our collective souls, not to mention our pocketbooks. If individuals of my generation did not allow ourselves to be offered up as sacrifices for our country’s geopolitical agenda via the draft, we were widely ostracized. Politics swing from both ends of the spectrum, and I may be savoring this just a little too much. I know these idiots will be back in power soon enough. A popular redneck bumper sticker of the times was “America, Love It or Leave It.” I don’t hear anyone saying this anymore. Here is a chance for the FoxNews watchers to walk the walk. Just observing…

  4. rbrander says:

    Hang on; was this guy ordered to war by the President *personally* ??

    If not, is he not merely disobeying the orders of a Col. or whatever just above him, and whether that guy “should have” given the order, himself about five levels down from the President, is quite literally, “above the pay grade” of the Lt. Col?

    I think the upshot of the logic is that if one guy has a question about the President’s legitimacy, the entire military can wander off their bases and go home, because nobody above them is a legitimate superior any more.

    Man, that would be some bug in the Constitution. Fortunately, I think it just says the Prez is “C-in-C”, and not that the military take personal oaths to the President.

    If there’s no C-in-C, about the only guys affected are the Joint Chiefs, because everybody else still has a legitimate superior.

    • ncfrommke says:

      Good point. When I was in the Navy, I was instructed that when I received an order that I recognized was illegal, I was to 1) obey the order, and then 2) report it to the superior of the officer or petty officer who gave me the illegal order.

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