Iraq: Operation Proper Exit, wounded veterans return to Iraq

Yesterday, I joined Captain Ferris Butler and Specialist John Hyland on NPR’s program ‘Talk of the Nation’ to discuss the trip I took with Operation Proper Exit. It’s a program designed by the Troops First Foundation, and supported by the USO, to bring wounded veterans back to Iraq to help in the healing process. My GQ story on the trip will be out in an upcoming issue. Click here to listen.


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2 Responses to Iraq: Operation Proper Exit, wounded veterans return to Iraq

  1. vickielyna says:


    The first thing that stuck me was that you are or were a wounded vet of the press corp. Your experence (cronicled in “I Lost My Love in Baghdad”) put you in a unique position to identify with the wounded vets returning to Iraq for the first time. After having lost a limb etc. To see/experence a country with both the past and present colliding for the first time in years. Must have been an overwhelming experence.

    The bravery of you, Ferris Butler, Johm Hyland and others who made the trip leaves me in awe. As Ferris said the country had changed. While he was glad one can almost imagine how much time was lost wondering if it was worth his personal loss. Then to experence a different world (in comparison) must have been not only healing but give one a since of completion. For not all was lost.

    I liked the vietnam vet whos return to vietnam years later was both scary yet (dare I say) a little hopeful. After spending years hating a country. Only to return and find a different world (so to speak) from the memories he had. Alowed healing in ways he could not have known was possible. To appreciate the experence and come home feeling a little more at peace is a rare gift.

    One that Ferris seemed to share also. Operation Proper Exit is a program and gift to our well deserved Vets.

  2. Michael Hastings says:

    Hi Vickie, thanks very much for listening, and your kinds words. best, mh

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