Afghanistan: McChrystal streamlines command, restricts night raids

The Times story yesterday is a pretty interesting read. General Stanley McChrystal has put most of the Special Forces operating in Afghanistan under his command. Historically, as wars go, there’s a big advantage of having a streamlined command, and the steps to restrict night raids and limit civilian casualties also seems like steps in the right direction. In fact, one of the complaints I’ve heard from a number of military officials is that the war in Afghanistan had too many chefs in the kitchen, so to speak, so this should make the job of effectively implementing the U.S. strategy that much easier.

As General McChrystal put it to the Times:

“What happens is, sometimes at cross-purposes, you got one hand doing one thing and one hand doing the other, both trying to do the right thing but working without a good outcome,” General McChrystal said in an interview.

Spencer Ackerman points to a few other story lines to watch for as everyone tries to figure out what effect this is actually going to have on the war.


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