Iraq is not the envy of the Middle East (Part II, Iraqracy VIII)

We’re waiting here in Baghdad to get the first official results in from the election, which despite my overriding pessimism and negative outlook on mankind’s existence, is kind of exciting. But the other day I mentioned that columnists who claimed that Iraq was looked upon by other countries in the Middle East as some kind of model for democracy were mistaken. Actually, I think my exact words were: “Their heads are so far up their asses, they’re typing with their noses.” Hmmm. To wit, the New York Times publishes a reported piece that backs up my sweeping generalizations/observations.

Here it is, headlined ‘Region Unimpressed by Balloting in Iraq’:

So from the outset, when Iraqis poured into the polls on Sunday to elect a new Parliament, the mere act of voting was not seen as a step toward democracy. That perception, combined with Election Day violence, American occupation and Iranian influence, left few analysts and commentators in the Middle East declaring the elections a success and Iraq on the road to stability.


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