The Hurt Locker, Point Break, and War Junkies

I have an essay up over at the Huffington Post to get everybody excited about the Oscars. Or something like that. Its cultural wingspan stretches Jeremy Renner to Ernie Pylie and Robert Capa to Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves. Here’s the summary:

Pre-Oscar kneecapping of The Hurt Locker misses the point: despite being set in Baghdad, the film was never really about Iraq. It’s about the addiction that grips war correspondents and soldiers alike.

It’s also kind of a personal essay. The Hurt Locker addresses a couple of themes that I’ve spent a lot of time “mulling” over. So check it out if you have a second. (I’ve been in full on promotion mode this week, apparently.)


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One Response to The Hurt Locker, Point Break, and War Junkies

  1. Zaid Jilani says:

    I haven’t read the essay yet but just wanted to chime in and say great appearance on Maddow’s show. I’d say more for maddow but I’m still mad at her for stealing one of my thinkprogress charts without giving me credit :p

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