I Lost My Love in Baghdad: A Modern War Story, in paperback

Paperback coverToday, the paperback version of my book was released. As advertised, there’s a new afterword, a new cover, a couple of pages with quotes of all the nice things reviewers said about the book, and a reading discussion group guide. If you haven’t read it, would be honored for you to do so. (Click here to order, and thank you. And here’s the link to The Andi Foundation.)

I should be doing a few signings, as well as making a couple of media appearances, enshallah. I will update as those things play out.

What’s it about? Well, quoted below is the generous Publisher’s Weekly review.

(Starred Review.) In his powerful debut, a young Newsweek reporter details two tumultuous years covering the war while falling in love with his long-distance girlfriend Andi, who would join him in Iraq only to be killed in a botched kidnapping. Largely concerned with describing on-the-ground conditions, Hastings reports with insight and grim humor from the front lines, embedded with soldiers in “a world with its own language and geography.” Hastings handles the grisly particulars directly, the way he talks with the troops; the account is pocked with their tales, short bursts of heart-stopping sadness (“One American and at least fifteen Iraqi children killed”) with no lesson or redemption indicated, and often without follow-up. The chaos is given shape by Hastings’ romance with Andi, who remains in New York for a year before joining him in the Green Zone; dates, emails and instant messages provide a welcome reprieve, and drive the narrative toward its devastating conclusion like a tightly-plotted thriller. Like Mariane Pearl’s A Mighty Heart, this is a tragic love story with broad appeal married to an unflinching account of wartime violence and brutality; as such, it should do even more than that bestseller to fill in a general audience on the dire state of Iraq.


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One Response to I Lost My Love in Baghdad: A Modern War Story, in paperback

  1. Caitlin Kelly says:

    Congrats! Hope it sells a ton.

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