Iraq: The sounds of a suicide car bomb, killing 16

On Monday, three bombs targeted popular Baghdad hotels. At the Hamra Hotel, both NPR and the Washington Post’s bureaus were damaged. Three Post staffers were injured, thankfully none seriously. But an estimated 16 Iraqis were killed at the Hamra out of the at least 36 dead that day.

On All Things Considered, NPR’s Lourdes Garcia-Navarro filed this chilling report. Have a listen–the audio brings one uncomfortably close to the detonation of a suicide car bomb, and the gun fight that preceded it.


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2 Responses to Iraq: The sounds of a suicide car bomb, killing 16

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  2. vickielyna says:


    Wow! The injured reporter who was standing on the balcony said (paraphrasing) “This (place) use to be safe. But it is not safe. No place is safe”. Breaks my heart. Not some much because he felt safe in a building in a war zone that turned out not to be. But because he wanted it to be safe and was disillusioned by the fact that there wasn’t any safe place in a war zone. This from a seasoned reporter shows the human need to want a safe place if not for body then for soul.

    One can only imagine how the poor people of Irag feel. Children living in constant upheaval. Some of the children having never know anything else. Terrifying on it’s face.

    My heart goes out to you and all your collegues reporting, everyday at great risk, to give us a glimpse of what goes on in worlds we can’t even began to assimulate from the safety of the US.

    Take care all and be as safe as possible!

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