Holidays in Baghdad

Apologies for the radio silence. Just arrived in Baghdad, where I’ll be hanging out for the next month or two. Semi-normal blogs postings will resume shortly.

In other news, did you know Iraq was only the third most dangerous country for journalists in 2009? That’s progress, eh? Though worldwide, there was a record 68 journalists killed, according the CPJ.

And speaking of oil, Iraq and Iran are now facing off over the disputed Faka oil fields. Looks like a lot of posturing. I heard from an Iraq military official, who says that though both sides have troops on their side of border, keeping an eye on one of the wells. The official said that a political solution is needed to confirm who owns the well.


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One Response to Holidays in Baghdad

  1. vickielyna says:

    Does Iraq celebrate Holidays? Do Christians have the ability to worship as they please? I would think not.

    It would seem that war would make any celibration difficult.

    Be safe.

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