Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize then reaches for Bush talking point

President Barack Obama defending his Afghanistan strategy after accepting the Nobel Peace Prize on December 10, 2009:

“We’re not going to see some sharp cliff, some precipitous drawdown,” Obama said.*

Former President George W. Bush, defending his Iraq strategy, July 13, 2007:

“Extremist groups would be emboldened by a precipitous American withdrawal,” he said.

Former President George W. Bush, defending his Iraq strategy, April 16, 2007:

“I hope the Democratic leadership will drop their unreasonable demand for a precipitous withdrawal,” Bush said.



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One Response to Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize then reaches for Bush talking point

  1. tbolin25 says:

    Is Obama willfully ignorant or just trying to trick the enemies within. Each and every hour a terrorist somewhere in my country is leveling fear on an innocent. They may be dressed down in gang colors, patiently hiding in wait for an unsuspecting child or violating the greatest of honors, trust.

    I fear that soon “homegrown” will become as common a moniker as “gangbanger” or “parolee” or “convicted sex offender”. Our “leaders” whose primary Constitutional responsibility is to protect us, aid and abet those who do us harm. Their cowardice, ignorance and treason is manifested in the beasts who prowl our streets creating a new generation of victims each and every day. Those who wage war within are the next “fruit” of their labors.

    And now we hear of “Radicalized American Muslims” going to crap holes in the Middle East in the hopes of becoming warriors and coming home to ply their trade. Friends, it’s only a matter of time. Will it be you, me our loved ones?

    Imagine, they tell us we’re at war, maim and kill our kids, waste money desperately needed by our poor, elderly, ill and children and infrastructure. Giving lip service to the desperate need for REAL jobs here, in America. Then, they allow internet access to the enemy’s putrid rantings, allow the teachings of fanatics in their holy houses anywhere in our Nation, allow the converted to leave and go to their training camps then let them back in and sooner or later……Can you imagine letters to Tojo, wires wishing Goebbels a Happy Birthday, Wishing Hitler the best at Normandy, leaving Long Beach to attend Kamakazee training schools then coming back to America?

    What the Hell are we doing???

    When will we call it what it is?

    It’s TREASON….11 MILLION strangers allowed in my country since 9/11. YES, DICK “Deferment before Honor” Cheney, most of it on your watch…So keep your pie hole shut now.

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