Don't worry Barack, Mike Huckabee supports you!

Perhaps the riskiest part of Obama’s Afghan decision is that he’s actually alienating his supporters to placate those who will never like him anyway. Exhibit A: he’s getting a rave review from Mike Huckabee, whose support will surely be steadfast in the years ahead.

From the Huck’s email, fresh off the transom, the best lines marked in bold:

President Obama has now announced that the United States will send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. The President finally spoke forcefully on the way forward in Afghanistan. His supporters on the left, who have been calling for an immediate pullout of all troops, must have felt like they’d gotten a hard spanking by their big brother.

The President, to his credit, made it unmistakably clear that he considers Afghanistan to be the epicenter of terrorist planning. He also made it clear that as that epicenter of terrorist planning, Afghanistan represents a clear and present danger to the United States of America and all freedom loving nations.

I was impressed with the President’s assertion that comparisons of Afghanistan to Vietnam represents a “false reading of history.” However he did attempt to placate the anti-war left with a promise to work with the Afghan government so that they could eventually take over its own security. He also made a general promise to start bringing troops home within 18 months.

But, the President correctly pointed out al-Qaeda is a cancer in Afghanistan that threatens us all. You don’t deal with cancer by pretending it doesn’t exist. It may have taken longer than it should have, but the President deserves credit and our support and respect for coming to the right conclusion.

Republicans concerned about the war on terror have frequently been critical of the President’s handling of this national security threat. Now, we owe him our non-partisan support as he takes a clear stand and seeks to give our military the resources they need to push al-Qaeda back to hell.

Mike Huckabee


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2 Responses to Don't worry Barack, Mike Huckabee supports you!

  1. jayhuerbin says:

    This is great. Some of my friends didn’t know what to do/say when Obama announced more troops and an extension to the war, now I can’t wait to show them this. It’ll be funny.

  2. leb46 says:

    Wonder if the right will be on Obama’s side about a few other issues now that he’s agreed to continue war at least somewhere. Huckabee’s support can only be good for him.

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