A brief note to readers

Just wanted to drop a note to say that I’ll be heading over to Iraq today for about a month or so, on assignment for the good folks at GQ.  So my posting schedule is going to be a bit interupted this next week, but I hope to get a couple of items up. I should be back to the regular blog rhythm around Oct. 20.

Personally, I’m very curious to see how that country has changed since the last time I was there, almost two and half years ago, at the height of the sectarian violence. Iraq has very much fallen out of the news lately–Senator Kerry called it “The Forgotten War” the other day. I plan to address some of these issues on the blog over the coming weeks. If any of you have any thoughts, questions, observations, ideas, suggestions, or anything else you’re particularly curious about, feel free to comment or drop me an email.


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3 Responses to A brief note to readers

  1. Michael Roston says:

    At True/Slant we’re all wishing you a safe journey Michael!

  2. andreaitis says:

    Yes, be careful out there. Looking forward to your posts from Iraq.

  3. Caitlin Kelly says:

    Bring us a T-shirt. Looking forward to your dispatches.

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