Iran: Is 'In the Loop' actually a future predicting documentary film?

Reading the Financial Times this morning, I “learnt” that U.K. intelligence services believe that Iran has been pursuing a plan for nuclear warheads. This it at odds, officially at least, with the assesment of the U.S. intelligence community. From the FT:

Britain’s intelligence services say that Iran has been secretly designing a nuclear warhead “since late 2004 or early 2005”, an assessment that suggests Tehran has embarked on the final steps towards acquiring nuclear weapons capability.

Have you all seen the film ‘In the Loop’ yet? It’s a satire about British and American officials making a case for military intervention in the Middle East. One of the key points in the movie is how the Americans are waiting on really dubious “intel” from the Brits. The intel is from a source named “Iceman,” and the Americans want it so they can use it at the UN to make the argument for war. A great send up of the Iraq war debacle, or so I thought the first time I saw it. But in light of the recent hysteria over Iran, it’s certainly worth a repeated viewing! (IFC is playing it on their OnDemand channel, if you have digital cable.)

[youtubevid id=”d-5v6ZMY4W8″]

(It’s nice to see there are folks with non-hysterical perspectives about Iran. I don’t know… The whole panic leaves me scratching my head–the people who are telling us Iran is the most-dangerous-massive-end-of-the-world-evil -threat seem to be living in a kind of fantasy land, where reality is a one-sided affair.)


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One Response to Iran: Is 'In the Loop' actually a future predicting documentary film?

  1. Mr. Hastings,

    One does not need to invoke the imagery of cinema to understand the symbiotic role of British and US intelligence, as one need do recall the “Dodgy Dossier” and the role of British intel in the run-up to the Iraq war. The British had assembled a document which the Bush administration had released under the title “Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction – The Assessment of the British Government”. Here they pasted together “evidence” the existence of the MWDs in Iraq. My personal favorite is the “dual-use” facility at Al-Sharquat. The report says, in part, “Despite the site being far away from populated areas it is surrounded by a high wall with watch towers and guarded by armed guards. Intelligence reports indicate that it will produce nitric acid which can be used in explosives, missile fuel and in the purification of uranium”. This sounds ominous. However, nitric acid is one of the most widely produced chemicals in the world and has numerous non-WMD related uses, such as the manufacture of fertilizers and metals processing. In fact the report does not even say that the facility is actually producing nitric acid, only that might in the future. The Bush administration of course trimmed off the “mights” and “coulds” and, voilà, an MWD program.

    All the Brits really had was a photograph of building with walls around it. A “special relationship” indeed.

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