heeds call from The Hastings Report, breaks silence on Afghanistan!

Kidding. But it’s fun to take partial credit it for it anyway. I’ve devoted a couple of posts to blasting over the past few months for their awkward silence on Afghanistan(as recently as three days ago.) So it’s only fair that I highlight the email they sent out today. They’re finally putting pressure on Obama to get out of Afghanistan, in a nice and supportive way. Read Greg Sargent’s scoop here, the email here, and Gabriel Winant’s deja vu moment here.

Snippets from the email:

But other powerful voices are urging caution: Vice President Biden and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel have raised real concerns about the idea of sending more troops to Afghanistan without a clear strategy, as have Democrats in Congress. And a majority of Americans oppose increasing troop levels…

…Some administration officials are arguing for a smaller, nimbler approach with a narrow focus on the threat from al-Qaeda. But cheerleaders for the war refuse to acknowledge that there could be any viable strategy other than more and more troops. So they’re trotting out the same tired old lines and questioning the motives of those who disagree with them.

They figure they can cut off any debate about our ultimate goals in Afghanistan and the region. But President Obama has consistently shown a willingness to stand up for his more thoughtful approach to foreign policy, and that’s what he needs to do here, too.

BONUS GLOAT: ‘Brian in NYC’, it seems I’ve now been vindicated in our long running battle in the comments section!


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One Response to heeds call from The Hastings Report, breaks silence on Afghanistan!

  1. libtree09 says:

    It would be nice to think that pulling out could in some way solve the problem but it will not. We need a new strategy, there was some hope for the idea of helping with foreign aid but my recent readings indicate that the United States Agency for International Aid is in complete shambles, requires US companies to do the work and must include US consultants and after spending a couple of billion has had virtually no impact on the ground. Another scandal of smaller government privatization. This area is far more dangerous than Iraq or Iran because of corruption, fundamentalism and the bomb. We have yet to hear a solution or strategy diplomatic or military that doesn’t echo failures of the past.

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