Mike Huckabee, Israel Tour Guide? Only $3999!

I got this from the tour's website.

I got this from the tour's website.

So lately former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has been continuing his tradition of saying and doing ridiculous shit.  As you’ve probably read, last week he said that Ted Kennedy would have been urged to “go home to take pain pills and die” if he’d been on Obamacare.  Two weeks before that, he’d sparked a mild firestorm in the blogosphere after he traveled to Israel and criticized U.S. policy while there. As Glenn Greenwald pointed out, Huckabee made those remarks on “foreign soil.” So where was the outrage? “Isn’t there some righteous Washington prohibition on criticizing America’s foreign policy while on dreaded “foreign soil”? asked Glenn, somewhat rhetorically. (Apparently, the answer is that Israel doesn’t count as foreign soil, and not if Republicans do it.)


Imagine my joy when I saw this email from Huckabee to me on Friday morning. The subject line read: “Come Tour Israel With Me.” The body of the email follows.

I have been to Israel 11 times and it never gets boring. I learn something each time I go and it is always very exciting.
This February I am headed back again my wife Janet, Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel and Congressman Bob McEwen and anyone interested in seeing the Holy Land. This will be one of the most unique trips I have ever put together as it will not only include the biblical points of interests, but it also will provide a unique insight on the political and governmental aspects of the State of Israel, including an international town hall with government officials from Israel.
You can find out more about this all inclusive tour and the town hall here.
I hope you will consider attending. It promises to be a great time and a rewarding experience. Space is limited.
With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

Of course, I clicked on the link, where I found the photo above. For only $3999, I could get something called the “Deluxe Tour,” which included “Double Occupancy from New York.” (If you’re interested, check out the tour and registration form here.) I got a bit more info on the itinerary, including an “International Town Hall Meeting with Gov. Huckabee and numerous Israeli Officials at the Southern Steps.”

I have to say I found this email a little strange, even for Huckabee. A former (and likely future) presidential candidate shilling for a tour group to travel to a foreign country.I do wonder how much he’s getting paid, if anything, to lend his name to this tour. A cut of $3999? But can you imagine any other active American politician leading a tour to say, China, to meet with government officials and see historical sites? Or Russia? Or Syria? Or even Israel! Doesn’t quite seem–what’s the word I’m looking for here–appropriate.


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One Response to Mike Huckabee, Israel Tour Guide? Only $3999!

  1. Neal Ungerleider says:

    Would be depressing if it wasn’t so funny. Actually, yeah, it is depressing.

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