It's almost official: Iraq no longer the big show

Next year, according to the NYT, Afghanistan is going to get more money than Iraq.

The Pentagon already anticipates spending less next year in Iraq than in Afghanistan, $61 billion compared with $65 billion, the first time that will have happened since before 2003. So far this year, fewer United States service members have been killed in Iraq than in Afghanistan — 108 compared with 128, according to, which tracks military deaths.

But, we’re not out of the desert yet, so to speak.

Military experts warn that the shift in focus may be premature, given the long list of problems that remain in Iraq, particularly the intensifying tensions between Baghdad and Kurdish leaders that United States military officials consider the No. 1 threat to the country’s fragile unity…“So far the reductions we’re making here have been fine,”  said [Gen. Ray Ordierno]. But he added, “If something starts to go wrong, there’s got to be some very difficult decisions made.”


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One Response to It's almost official: Iraq no longer the big show

  1. jaimecolemansc says:

    Check out this from Michael Bergen and Katherine Tiederman:

    Determining the military needs/presence requirements of either place are tough decisions, with unknowns and variables that, with the slightest tip, would have immense consequences.

    One factor that amazes me when talking about either Iraq or Afghanistan and our military presences there is the everchanging opinion of the oh-so-fickle-public.

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