Has Bill Maher Fired the First Salvo in the Anti-BHO Backlash?

By now, you’ve probably seen Bill Maher’s take down of Obama. The rub: Obama is spending too much time doing interviews, and not enough of time actually getting things done. I’m basically in agreement with Maher’s analysis, for what it’s worth. I’m not too impressed with the Bank Bailout; it’s the kind of corporate welfare that makes me dream of a Ralph Nader/Ron Paul ticket. And Maher is right on about the ‘if not now when’ part of passing Obama’s healthcare and environmental legislation–if Obama can’t get what he wants with a Dem Congress and sky high approval ratings, then when? ‘Cause soon enough, it’s going to be ‘Well, 2012 is coming up, so we can’t do it now because of political considerations, soccer moms, NASCAR dads’…etc…

[youtubevid id=HWulnfog20c&feature=topvideos]

I’m more interested in what, if any, impact Maher’s attack is going to have on the media and the BHO storyline. So far, despite all the mocking of the MSM’s Obama love, they’ve managed to keep on loving, very uncritically. But I’ve noticed that guys like Maher and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and Saturday Night Live can sometimes function as a catalyst for shifting the media’s narrative. (The most high profile example was that SNL skit of Hillary/Obama debate during ’08.) I’m sure there are other examples, and usually happens in more subtle ways–feel free to tell me what they are in the comments, as I haven’t had enough coffee yet. But these full-on assaults that comedians like Maher occaisionally launch, if they hit at the right moment, can carry more weight than any brand name pundit on any TV show or Op-Ed page. Maher’s BHO-bashing clip has become quite popular–will it be the first salvo in a push for a more critical look at BHO’s presidency?


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3 Responses to Has Bill Maher Fired the First Salvo in the Anti-BHO Backlash?

  1. libtree09 says:

    I agree with Maher as well and the latest polls suggest that independents are disappointed with our President as well, not enough to drop support but compromise is quickly becoming a dirty word or at least synonymous with wishy-washy.
    As an example the arguments against a public option for health care are so flawed in logic as to be laughable and should be slapped down by the President but instead he is leaving it up to Congress, read leaving it up to Reid, someone I am tempted to describe as a paper tiger but weak kitty keeps coming to mind. The result of all of this? Confusion. There is only one leader of this country now and it’s Obama. The popularity contest is over.
    Another example is financial reforms. Maher is right about credit cards, the first issue should have been usury, especially going after payday loans that charge up to 300% another issue should have been changing the bankruptcy rule that makes credit card debt difficult to write off. Instead we get something, if you noticed, that credit card industry went along with.
    Now with the regulation overhaul of banks and wall street, some good is being done but the consumer watch dog agency is (pun intended) merely throwing the consumers a dry bone; Remember the Better Business people? The first thing that should have been done is to restore the New Deal safeguards. Repeal the Gramm Bill that created the Frankenstein of Wall Street Banks. Wall Street and Commercial Banks need to be separated, no more of this too big to fail crap. Yet there is none of that and sure as the sun rises it will be back to business with the same bunch of crooks back skimming citizens investments and retirement accounts. If the Mafia just took bonuses and fees in their Casinos they would still be in charge of Vegas. Instead we get Obama, who promised change, listening to the bankers first and us later. More regulators will not help, the last great regulator, Greenspan, aided and supported these monster creations of the financial world while the SEC was trying to understand the rule book. Ponzi? What the hell is a Ponzi?
    Voodoo economics and Neo-Con nonsense of the last twenty years has proved to be disastrous and to change course we should not be debating the merits of unfettered free markets or the Bush Doctrine but moving forward in a completely new direction with strong leadership and confidence in our ideas. But so far, Obama, to please 20 some per cent of the country that wants to maintain the status quo, is just veering slightly down the same dusty road to nowhere.

  2. markbolton says:

    And the second round is just as good!

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