OTF: Jack Gray, CNN's Twitter Superstar

Greetings to another edition of Off Topic Friday, wherein I blog about whatever(the Kindle 2, possible lake monsters, etc.)

Question: Do you have more Twitter followers than Katie Couric?

Answer: Jack Gray, a producer at AC360, does. In fact, Jack is ranked number five at CNN in Twitter followers, behind the likes of CNN’s  Breaking News, Larry King, and Anderson Cooper.

Watch the clip below from AC360 below.

(Disclosure: Jack is a friend of mine. He’s also responsible for getting me on Twitter. I signed up to Follow him, then he immediately told his Followers to Follow me, and from that day on–oh so many weeks ago–I’ve been trapped in the Twitter-verse. Is there a larger meaning to this post? Yes. The power of Twitter to build an audience, even for those without big brand names. Jack has very creatively–by mixing humor, a glimpse of media-behind-the-scenes, and hard news–to find 164,836 followers.  The folks on Twitter respond to him because he responds to them; he’s a part of the community. That, I think, is the key to his sucess. And his “menthol smoking dog Sammy.”)


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2 Responses to OTF: Jack Gray, CNN's Twitter Superstar

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  2. paulav says:

    Jack Gray IS a superstar. I wouldn’t have spent 10 minutes signing up for my 101st login/password on a blog/web site if I didn’t really mean it. Anderson Cooper has some Twitter competition!

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