2019: Two Fun Facts About Our Country's Longest War(s)…

The news that the Army is planning to spend at least 10 more years in Iraq and Afghanistan isn’t too surprising. In Iraq, it’s been clear that our presence there, despite promises of a drawdown, could have more or less permanent look to it. In Afghanistan, top military and civilian officials have advised that the U.S. needs at least a ten year commitment to the region, with others saying they think we should be there for 25 or more. 

What does ten more years mean?

1) Ten years from now is 2019. Assuming a low level of violence persists, that would mean the war in Iraq will have lasted 16 years. That’s longer than any other war in American history.

2)Nope, I’m wrong. That puts the length of the war in Afghanistan to 18 years, making the war in Afghanistan the longest war in American history.

So say we all…


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2 Responses to 2019: Two Fun Facts About Our Country's Longest War(s)…

  1. Well, technically, the war in Korea is still going on, which would be about 60 years?

  2. Oh, also, IIRC the US military is still giving out purple heart medals minted for the invasion of the Japanese home islands in WWII (Operation Olympic IIRC)..

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