Huckabee: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift


People often ask me, “Mike, what should I get my mother for Mother’s Day?”

I answer, “Friendo, you should get your beloved mom a political t-shirt, maybe a bumper sticker, preferably from some dude with his own PAC.” 

(Explanation for this post: my name is on former presidential candidate and current Fox News Host Mike Huckabee’s email list. I got an email from Team Huck last night. )


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5 Responses to Huckabee: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

  1. Michael Roston says:

    You call people ‘friendo?’ Remind me to leave the country if you ever walk in the room with a coin in your hand…

  2. Michael Hastings says:

    Hah. Heads or tails, dude.

  3. andreaitis says:

    I was JUST thinking, “What would Mike Hastings suggest I get my mother for Mother’s Day?” and — poof! — the answer appears. Thank you, Mike Hastings, you are truly the god of gift-giving. And beware, everyone: I am now officially adding ‘friendo’ to my vocabulary.

    • Michael Hastings says:

      Yes, it’s a question I’m constantly asked. “Bombarded” is probably the word I’m looking for.

      During Christmas 2003, I got my older brother a coffee mug from the Joe Lieberman campaign, so every morning he could have a cup of “Joe-Mentum.” Like momentum, but with Joe. That same Holiday Season, I got my mom a Howard Dean wool ski cap, and my dad a George W. Bush belt buckle.

      Went over like gangbusters, sure enough.

  4. lauramac09 says:

    Ha. Huckabee believes in Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness for men alone.
    A perfect way to say, “Happy Mother’s Day!” or in other words, “I’m glad you are chained to the stove and making babies!”.

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