On A Near Pandemic Thursday Night…

"Mind Blowing" - Albany Bulb

Image by Scrunchleface via Flickr

I’ve been traveling today, and I’ll likely be away from the computer tomorrow, so posting will be light to non-existent. (This post was originally supposed to go up this morning, but my hotel internetz connection was very, very, slow.)

For those readers new to the site,take a second to check out a whole week’s worth of super insightful&mind blowing analysis. Want to read the real story about Iraq? The perils of meth addiction? About our bright future with Pakistan? What a Special Forces vet thinks about Afghanistan? Maybe you want to hear things those damn cowards in the MSM are too afraid to say(my friends in the MSM excluded from the “coward” part of the remark.)

Why, yes, who doesn’t?

And if you’re really ambitious, sign up for a T/S account, and click on my picture above to “follow me.”(And/or the pictures of your favorite contributors, if you don’t want to follow me.) To take a page from Ryan Sager’s playbook, we’re a site that’s way ahead on this whole social-networking-journalism thing.

So comment away, and thanks very much for coming.


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