100 Days…

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I got an email this morning from Coates, sent out to T/S contributors, asking for the best and worst from Obama’s First One Hundred Days in the Oval Office. My reply:

Best: Added a much needed element of grace to America’s decline while resisting the pressure to join Twitter. So big props for that.
Worst: Tempted to say Summers, Geithner, et al, which I’m sure will be a popular answer. Or that he’s basically continuing W.’s “GWOT” and not really thinking smartly about Afghanistan. A waterdog?  


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One Response to 100 Days…

  1. LauraMac09 says:

    On the plus side, I actually feel I can trust the President again. Obama might not always make the best decisions (who of us does?), but I think he’s trying to listen to all sides and make the best judgements he can. A nice change.

    But, oh god yes…Geithner was one unholy mistake! I hope it pans out differently, but I am very hesitant to put my trust in a money man who “forgets” to pay his own taxes.

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