Recent Public Ramblings…

What happens when someone like myself doesn’t have the filter of the printed word? Click on the links below to find out.

Last week Rachel Maddow was kind of enough to have me on her program. Check it out here.

I was on with CNN’s John Roberts–who has done excellent work keeping the spotlight on our soldiers and the wars they’ve been fighting–on Monday.

Spoke to Scott Horton at Antiwar Radio yesterday afternoon.

And, in what was a lively, whacky, bordering on the unhinged(for me at least) discussion, I sat down with the always hilarious Marc Maron for his show, Break Room Live. We taped the segment, and I think it will be aired this afternoon. 

(For the record, I have a strange fear of listening/watching myself. So I don’t. I’m trusting what I said is semi-coherent and not too spastic (or at least that’s what my friends and family told me, and of course, they would never lie.))


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