A Message From the Frontline

After finishing up my recent story on Afghanistan for GQ, we ended up not using an email I received from an American soldier serving in the Special Forces. He’s a veteran who has served tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He sent it to me a few months back while on active duty outside Kabul. I’m withholding his name, but want to share his email with you.

“any comments for yr article?…just that I remember when War was all about killing the enemy… that is what I signed up for so long ago.. and I’ve done so proudly around the world in defense of our great country..BUT NOW… holy shit batman! it’s like the only focus is for our commanders to throw so much money into the fire and then hide behind the smokescreen of humanitarian projects… and sending our brave men out in the frontier so deep and in such small groups that they cannot be supported.. just to be overrun… and then the commanders perform a memorial service.. and go home to promotions and golf carts.. Mike, just last night we had a bunch of Desk fighting warriors put on a big show of huffing big cigars and telling so many bullshit macho war stories.. I asked them when they ever left the wire?? they said screw that.. its been months and they aint going again… they get bronze stars for keeping the paperwork in line.. my warrior brothers get prosthetics.. can ya tell I hate this bullshit??”

‘Nuff said.


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One Response to A Message From the Frontline

  1. This is what tears me apart when you want support our troops, and I do…but support them to do what? My heart breaks for the position they’re in and the work they are trying to do in spite of the Washington brass.

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